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    Press Release SertiWOOD®

    Press Release SertiWOOD® Puidukoda


    Timber Focus Ltd, a leading wholesale timber supplier for the UK and Ireland supplying machined cladding, decking and flooring has launched a new timber range of timber cladding and flooring under the  SertiWOOD®  range. This already supports its strong range of machined softwoods, burnt charred cladding including fire retardant cladding. Timber focus will also be showcasing this new range of products at the Grand Designs Live at the London Excel at Stand B370. Timber Focus is a partner to a leading French and Estonian Softwood planning mill – Puidukoda who supply  large volumes of machined profiles both standard and specialist for the Merchant, DIY Sectors and Modular timber frame construction.

    A Timber Focus Range of solid timber products offering modern and shabby chic timber products for internal and external applications for cladding, decking and flooring applications. All Products in the SertiWOOD® range are durable or preservative treated to the approprioate  class according to BSEN 335:2013 depending on application e.g UC3 for  external cladding. Sertiwood offers  a minimum service life of 15 – 25 years above ground UC3. All approved Nordic products have a warranty for maintaining their colour for external applications.

    The SertiWOOD® Range is composed both hardwoods and softwoods ( Siberian Larch, Slow grown Nordic Spruce and Pine) and includes modified timbers such as Accoya®, Kebony®, Thermowood® and SertiWOOD® Clear.The aesthetics of the SertiWOOD® is enhanced in different ways in modern manufacturing process to give a shabby chic, rustic or modern feel. SertiWOOD® is supplied in various colour tones profiles e.g square edge, tongue and groove, shiplap, shadow gap etc. The Board Sizes are all standard timber sizes e.g Ex 25x150mm, Ex 25 x 100mm etc.  In the SertiWOOD® range some of the cladding products can be supplied with enhanced  fire performance  e.g  treated to to Euro Class B for use in cladding and ceiling applications according to EN13501-1 or BS476 part 6 / 7 Class 0 or Class 1. Fire Retardant treatment is done by one of the few European timber treatment facilities with full production quality control certified to supply fire retardant cladding (as of September 2018) Puidukoda OU.All SertiWOOD® Products are easy to use  work, cut and paint.

    The Main Products in the SertiWOOD® Range are: –

    SertiWOOD® Dragon

    Charred burnt or scorched effect superior and modern to the traditional Japanese burning technique of wood preservation.

    Press Release SertiWOOD® Puidukoda

    SertiWOOD® Cedar

    A Clear durable hardwood more superior properties to Western Red Cedar

    Press Release SertiWOOD® Puidukoda

    SertiWOOD® Sawblade Agedwood Distressed Antique

    Press Release SertiWOOD® Puidukoda

    Distressed, Rustic Aged effect timber products

    Nordic slow grown is available as the standard product for the Dragon and Agedwood and we supply  special to order Accoya®, Kebony®, Lignia®, Siberian Larch, Thermowood® Ash

    SertiWOOD® ranges have many more benefits over charred, scorched, burnt or aged distressed antique timber offering superior yet very affordable alternatives. All timber products are FSC Certified. The price level is medium. The SetriWOOD® Range is available from distributors as standard or as specialist for project specific requirements. Dragon and Agewood Nordic Standard Range is available treated to Euro Class B for fire retardant for both internal and external applications moreover both products can be stained, prepainted or factory painted.SetriWOOD® is available for large projects for both cladding and flooring requirements. We help with product specifications to help architects and specifiers on their projects.SertiWood® is easy to install and we provide fixing and installation guidelines for projects contact us for sample books, we supply projects worldwide.

    SertiWOOD®   Dragon Nordic Timber

    SertiWODD Dragonwood Charred Burnt Wood

    This is a Charred-Burnt-Scorched effect timber product for cladding, flooring and decking.  

    Why Choose Dragon Nordic

    Deep Charred – Burnt – Scorched Effect

    No Mess – No Charcoal deposits – No Staining – No Contamination of other surrounding materials

    Minimum 25-year Service Life

    Minimum 10-year colour Warranty for Internal or external cladding UC3

    FSC Certified

    Can be supplied in a range of cladding and flooring profiles

    Easy to maintain

    Can be supplied with Fire Retardant Treatment to Euro Class B EN13501-1 for cladding applications both internal and external applications.

    Competitively priced and quick delivery turnaround

    Commercial Credit Terms available to commercial customers subject to credit history

    Other species or wood types can be supplied in the Dragon range of the charred-burnt-scorched effect timber on special order only.

    SertiWOOD®   Dragon wood Akoya  – processed   Accoya® modified  timber

    SertiWOOD®   Dragon wood Sweet –  processed  Kebony®  

    SertiWOOD®   Dragon wood Cedar – SertiWOOD® Cedar

    SertiWOOD®   Dragon wood Thermowood® Ash

    SertiWOOD®   Dragon Larix – Siberian Larch

    SertiWOOD® Sawblade Aged wood – Distressed

    Distressed wood for cladding, flooring and decking

    A rustic effect for use for both internal and external applications for cladding, flooring and decking, we have made new wood look old.

    Why Choose Nordic  Aged Wood – Distressed – Antique

    Aged, Rustic, Distressed, Antique Character Effect

    Real wood from sustainable sources

    Minimum 25 year Service Life UC3 for Cladding applications

    Minimum 10 year colour Warranty for Internal or external cladding UC3

    FSC Certified

    Can be supplied in a range of cladding and flooring profiles

    Easy to maintain

    Can be supplied with Fire Retardant Treatment to Euro Class B EN13501-1 for cladding applications both internal and external applications.

    Competitively priced and quick delivery turnaround

    Commercial Credit Terms available to commercial customers subject to credit history

    Other species or wood types can be supplied in the Aged Wood Distressed Rustic these are on special order only.

    SertiWOOD®   Aged Wood Distressed Akoya  –  Accoya® modified  timber

    SertiWOOD®   Aged Wood Distressed Sweet-   Kebony®

    SertiWOOD®   Aged Wood Distressed Cedar – SertiWOOD® Cedar

    SertiWOOD®   Aged Wood Distressed Thermowood® Ash

    SertiWOOD®   Aged Wood Distressed Larix – Siberian Larch

    SertiWOOD® Cedar

    Press Release SertiWOOD® Puidukoda

    Durable Clear Hardwood

    This a thermal treated clear durable hardwood a superior alternative to Western Red Cedar

    Key benefits of Timber Focus SetriWOOD® Cedar

    Modified Sustainable Hardwood
    Durable over 50 years’ service life UC3
    Golden Brown
    Light weight
    Clear virtually knot free
    Uniform Colour
    Good Insulation Properties

    For More information on Timber Focus visit : https://www.timberfocus.com

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    UK Construction Week

    BMW, Solecco, Timber Focus showcase at the UK Construction Week on Renewable Energy Exhibition Stand No E612

    Solecco Solar Tiles, a renewable energy system will be used to power the BMW electric vehicle BMW i3 on stand E612 With an eye on the future, on display from Timber Focus will be sustainable FSC painted Barn Black Featheredge cladding (Essex Barn cladding) and FSC Certified Siberian Larch decking.

    Solecco supplies cutting edge roof tiles that generate energy to power homes efficiently. Simply fitted in place of standard tiles and fully integrated into the roof surface, they create a clean contemporary finish. Crafted using the finest materials, innovative, low-carbon technology is an eco-asset that improves environmental performance, saves money on electricity bills and protects against rising energy costs.

    Timber Focus (Puidukoda) supply sustainable timber that is FSC and PEFC Certified the main timber products they supply include Siberian larch, redwood, whitewood; – cladding and decking, painted and fire-retardant timber cladding and waxed internal cladding and flooring. The entire innovative Timber Focus (Puidukoda) range of products will also be available on Display at the Grand Designs Stand B515 for everyone to see.

    For More information on the various products contact

    Solecco Head Office (Solar Tiles)
    Calls Wharf
    2 The Calls
    West Yorkshire
    LS2 7JU
    Tel: 0113 467 8725
    [email protected]

    Timber Focus Ltd / Puidukoda (Head Office)
    3000 Aviator Way
    Manchester Business Park
    M22 5TG
    Tel: 0161 504 0011
    [email protected]

    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/27189609/admin/updates/
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/focustimber/

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    TTJ Timber Trades Journal

    TTJ announces Wood and Wellness conference

    TTJ is to hold a major conference on wood’s role in the current trend towards health and wellbeing in the built environment.

    The Wood and Wellness event, announced at the TTJ Awards in London on September 21 before a gathering of 400 timber sector guests, will take place early next year.
    “It has long been believed that exposure to the natural world can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing,” said TTJ group editor Stephen Powney.
    “Now this world of wellness is becoming a mega trend in the built environment, with building and interior design increasingly taking into account the health and wellbeing of occupants.”
    Wood and Wellness will be held on February 13 in London and is aimed to educate and inform both the timber sector and architects/interior designers and construction professionals.
    The event will cover latest research, case studies and panel discussion on a subject which could represent an opportunity for increased specification of timber products.
    Studies examining the positive impact that greater exposure to nature/natural products can have on health and wellbeing have highlighted impressive benefits, including increased staff productivity, improved learning, higher attendance rates, faster recovery from serious illness and a greater general sense of wellbeing.
    TTJ will bring together an expert panel, from a variety of sectors, at the event to discuss the role that sustainable timber can play.
    “In a world of digital disruption and the internet of things, could our long term health and wellbeing be rooted in something as old as the trees?” added TTJ’s Stephen Powney.
    For more information on the event contact Stephen Powney on 020 8269 7810 or Chidi Adilih on 0203 096 2607 / [email protected]

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    Product Range from Puidukoda

    UK Construction Week Timber Focus

    Timber Focus will be exhibiting with its main Partner Puidukoda OU at Grand Designs Live Exhibition. Grand Designs Live exhibition runs at the same time as the UK Construction week and Timber Expo at the NEC Birmingham. Timber Focus and Puidukoda will be on Stand B515 from the 10th to the 14th of October. Timber Focus will be showcasing some of the latest timber cladding and flooring technologies including the launching of the new brand WOOD MOOD.

    Puidukoda is part of the French Rose Groupe which makes it one of the largest softwood distributors of machined softwood profiles to the merchant and DIY Chains. Timber Focus supplies machined claddings, flooring, profiles, decking etc. The main species they supply include Siberian Larch for cladding and decking, whitewood cladding and decking, redwood pine decking treated or untreated, Whitewood flooring with various finishes and textures e.g rustic, whitewash, shabby chic. We are one of the largest suppliers of factory painted cladding and flooring products, treated softwood decking and fire-retardant timber cladding to Euro Class B according to the standard EN13501-1.

    Puidukoda with Timber Focus in the UK and Ireland specialises in supporting project specific work for timber supply for construction, working closely with house builders, architects and specifiers.

    We are looking forward to meeting a wide range of customers from timber merchant buyers, Architects, Specifiers, DIY enthusiasts, joinery companies, landscape designers & timber construction companies.

    We will be showcasing a wide range of products at our stand these include: Siberian Larch Cladding and decking, stained timber decking, fire retardant cladding, oiled floorings in the Artik range, painted claddings, pre-weathered claddings in a wide range of profiles e.g. shiplap, square edge tongue and groove etc.We have a problem-free option for charred burnt Shou sugi ban timber cladding it worthwhile to come and see this product. Featured

    We hold FSC and PEFC Certification and are one of the few companies that hold certification for supply and manufacture of fire-retardant cladding. Fire retardant treated timber cladding is now very critical for the industry and the country as a whole after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we have had an influx from Government departments Councils requesting our fire retardant timber cladding with full Certification that has independent verification from a Notified Body.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our stand B515 during the UK Construction Week – Timber Expo at the NEC Grand Designs Live area from the 10th to the 14th of October where our team of experts will gladly share our knowledge and Products on timber cladding, flooring, decking etc.

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    Timber Industry innovation



    This guest blog post is by Andrzej Manka, Sales Manager at Timber Expo.

    When we think of innovative sectors, the timber industry probably isn’t the first that springs to mind. Many believe this industry is very traditional, conservative and reluctant to change.

    In a word – die-hard! This is especially true when you compare it with other industries: new tech or finance for example, not to mention AI. In our ultra-modern world, we appreciate constant growth, astonishing productivity and impressive innovation above all else.

    But this stereotype doesn’t match with the reality; the timber industry is now up there at the top of UK and international innovation lists. Admittedly, these represent only a small minority of timber companies, but their success gives the industry dynamics and makes it the leading power in the whole construction business.

    As Daniel Kahneman states in his brilliant book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, stereotypical and simplified thinking is a characteristic for the “Fast system” of thinking, the type we use to understand something immediately and without any unnecessary effort. This way of thinking and making sense of the world evoke an image of the timber industry as rather backward, and poor in innovation. However, there is a second way of thinking, the “Slow system,” which enables us to go through all important details and deal with the more complex issues.

    When you take the time to study the timber industry, as I have been doing for the past 11 months, you will discover so many astonishing and innovative projects in the industry that you’ll likely fall in love in timber quite easily. Not to mention that wood is beautiful, and makes our homes and offices so much more aesthetic, natural and trendy.

    “A timber revolution is in the air.” – this is the first sentence of the description of the fantastic exhibition in Roca London Gallery.

    “Construction heading towards a ‘timber revolution” – proclaims another exciting headline from a video published by BBC

    Alex de Rijke, of dRMM described wood to be the new concrete: “Concrete is a 20th-century material. Steel is a 19th-century material. Wood is a 21st-century material.”

    Timber is becoming the leading material in construction industry in the UK and is nearly 30% of the whole construction projects.

    The value of the timber industry to the British economy is £7 billion.

    So let’s have a look at the four wonders of the timber industry. They are not really “wonders” in a literal sense; they are actually the result of creative, courageous and hard working timber specialists. This is, of course, a very subjective (dare I say even controversial?) list of “Four wonders.” It’s more like an invitation for us to discuss certain achievements in the timber industry. 

    One other thing- this list list contains different categories like technology, production, and architecture. Maybe it’s a bit risky to compare projects that belong to different science or business activities, but let’s try. 

    1. Transparent wood

    CTI BLOG - THE 4 WONDERS OF THE TIMBER INDUSTRY PuidukodaInvented first in 1992 by German researcher Siegfried Fink and then, independently developed by Professor Lars Berglund. This Swedish KTH research group, led by Professor Liangbing Hu from The University of Maryland, have elaborated a method to remove the color and some chemicals from wood. Thanks to that, the wood becomes 90% transparent. Potential application of this invention is very far-reaching and the wood could be used in construction, interior design and even the car industry.

    2. Engineered wood

    CTI BLOG - THE 4 WONDERS OF THE TIMBER INDUSTRY PuidukodaOn the image above you can see an example Cross-laminated-timber housing in east London; “a 10-storey carbon-neutral apartment complex in London’s Dalston, the “world’s largest cross-laminated timber building”.

    Engineered wood technologies are what makes the timber & construction industry so dynamically developing and profitable. The most used in the construction industry are plywood, fibreboard, cross-laminated timber (CLT), laminated strand lumber, and many more. Because of the use of these timber products, it’s been predicted many times during the last decade that timber will be the main building material in XXI century.

    3. Timber skyscrapers

    CTI BLOG - THE 4 WONDERS OF THE TIMBER INDUSTRY PuidukodaAt the moment, the world’s tallest timber building is a 14-storey apartment block in Bergen, Norway. However, we are expecting a lot of new timber skyscrapers in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia in future. One of the advanced projects that should be started very soon is an 80-storey, 300m high wooden building integrated within the Barbican (on the image above). Around 1,000 new flats will be build in this impressive 93,000-square-metre timber skyscraper project.

    Timber skyscrapers are not only stunning examples of strong “timber trends” in contemporary architecture, but they also bring sustainable development to big cities, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

    4. Museum Globe of Science and Innovation

    CTI BLOG - THE 4 WONDERS OF THE TIMBER INDUSTRY PuidukodaAre you familiar with the history of the Internet? If so, you’ll know that Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web when he worked in The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) based in Geneva, Switzerland. The same organization has built the Globe of Science and Innovation, a fine example of outstanding construction. The museum of modern technology, made of wood, is a perfect concept. It creates a very special atmosphere for those who wants to stop for a moment and contemplate the nature of technological innovation.

    There are so many more impressive wooden wonders of the world! You can find literally hundreds of great examples. One of my favorites is The Splinter, a wooden sports car with a twin-supercharged 4.6 litre V8.

    Not to mention an interesting initiative from Metsa, one of the world’s leading timber companies. They have just started the Open Source Wood initiative, a project to encourage innovation and the sharing of knowledge inside the timber industry. Metsä Wood’s Executive Vice President, Esa Kaikkonen, explains why the project was established: “Not enough knowledge about modular wood design and building is shared, so wood construction remains niche. There is plenty of innovation but it is difficult to find, so Open Source Wood is our solution. We believe that with open collaboration the industry can achieve significant growth.”

    There is still many ways in which the timber industry can evolve, but there is no doubt that the timber revolution has already started and it looks very exciting!

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    Grenfell Tower Timber Fire Regulations

    Tightening of fire regulations loom TTJ

    There has been a lot of talk in the timber industry about the potential knock-on effects of the Hackitt Review into the Grenfell fire.

    Now the report is out, we are left in no doubt that regulations will be tightened and enforcement of building standards will move to a higher level.

    Use of combustible cladding in high-rise construction was not banned in the review recommendations, although the government will consult on such a move. In light of the pressure for a ban from multiple groups, including RIBA, building firms and Grenfell survivors, it would not be surprising to see a ban still go ahead.

    But it is poor building practice and installation work and inadequate enforcement of Building Regulations that are at the heart of the matter.

    Timber cladding was not involved in the Grenfell fire, and though it has been used on some notable high-rise projects, its use is more commonly low to medium-rise. But as has been warned by Timber Trade Federation president Charles Hopping in his industry talks up and down the country these past months, timber cladding and other wood products are inevitably being pulled into the debate because of the focus on combustibility.

    The building industry is clearly going to have to up its game to deliver products that are fit for purpose and we can expect a higher level of scrutiny of how products and systems perform and are installed even if they are not high-rise applications.

    So, close working across the supply chain between timber product suppliers and their customers, enhanced testing and a clear united message from the timber industry will be required in dealing with the fallout from this review.

    Suppliers will need to be prepared to further their efforts to understand the applications for their products and improve the flow of information and technical advice further down the supply chain to safeguard the continued specification of their products. Because one thing is abundantly clear from Grenfell: you can’t rely on people down the chain to always do the right thing.

    British Woodworking Federation CEO Iain McIlwee welcomed the review recommendations and said a deeprooted problem existed in the building industry regarding fire safety.

    He cited the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s new guidance that encouraged an emphatic endorsement of UKAS-accredited third-party certification of product and competence of installation, with inspection picked up as fundamental to fire safety reform.

    The recommendation of tougher penalties in the Hackitt Review underlines the fact the landscape has been forever changed by Grenfell and it will impact all areas of the construction sector.

    Source TTJ June 2018

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    Exterior Painted Timber Cladding Puidukoda UK Ireland

    Timber Cladding Fitting Instructions

    We are leading suppliers of Timber Cladding  in our range we supply;

    • Siberian Larch Heartwood,
    • Painted Timber Cladding, profiles, featheredge
    • Fire Retardant Cladding,
    • Thermowood Cladding,
    • Spruce Whitewood Cladding,
    • Redwood Pine Cladding,
    • Western Red Cedar Cladding,
    • Sweet Chestnut Cladding,
    • European Oak Cladding,
    • Accoya Cladding,
    • Sapele Utile Cladding
    • Ayous Cladding
    • Andira Cladding
    • Iroko Cladding
    • Scottish Larch Cladding etc


    We can supply the cladding in various patterns or designs such as sawn to size, machined to profile  Square edge, Shiplap, tongue and groove, board on board, rainscreen or waney edge etc. We value sustainability, and we are FSC, and PEFC Certified we aim to supply all our products from sustainable sources.


    We provide Cladding specification and samples service for any timber cladding project as a free service nationwide. We provide support both external wall cladding and internal cladding.


    External Timber Cladding Installation Instructions. We strongly recommend that Qualified Professionals undertake the installation of our cladding products.


    Membranes to be used on all rainscreen cladding

    • UV Facade membrane to be used on open jointed cladding.
    • Normal BBA approved breathable membrane to be used on closed rainscreen cladding.

    Insect Mesh · Install Insect mesh around all open cavities.

    Timber Cladding Support Battens

    • All battens to be treated to UC3, all cut ends to be treated on site.
    • Vertical cladding to be supported with 45x45mm treated battens with a minimum 15

    degree slope.

    • Horizontal battens to be minimum 38x50mm. · Recommended spacing of battens should

    be 450mm centres and not exceed 600mm centres.

    • Ensure sufficient space behind the cladding for ventilation and drainage.


    • Stainless Steel fixings type 304, or 316 near coastal areas.
    • All nails to be annular ring shanks, minimum 50mm for 16-20mm thick board, or the nail

    length to achieve a point side penetration of 2 ½ times the thickness of the cladding board

    into the batten.

    • Minimum 2 face fixings required for boards up to 150mm wide and additional fixings for

    wider sections. We recommend maximum board widths of 150mm to reduce overall

    shrinkage or swelling.

    • Fix nails or screws approx. 20mm from the end and edge, avoiding splitting of the boards.

    Some timbers require predrilling, refer to CE Marking and DOP – downloadable copies are

    available on our website.

    • Do not secret fix through the tongue or groove. · All fixings to lay flush with the surface of

    the cladding.

    • Fix the cladding, ideally, at 450mm maximum centres.

    Board Configuration and Layout

    • For horizontal rainscreen the Grooves need to be to the bottom to minimise the collection of water or pollutants.
    • Vertical Claddings need to be chamfered at the ends for drainage into the cavity.
    • Minimum 2mm gaps should be left around the boards for expansion, larger gaps to be left

    for differential movement, especially in timber frame constructions.

    • Allow between 6mm to 10mm for drainage gaps on corner profiles, ends, sides or other

    materials (check the compatibility of the cladding with other materials in the construction,

    to avoid/minimise corrosion and staining).

    • Cladding to be installed at least 250mm above ground level.
    • Store cladding away from direct sunlight, rain etc before installation or during acclimatising to minimise the risk of splitting, checking or distortion.

    Finger-Jointed Cladding All finger jointed cladding is not supplied for load bearing, please ensure an external quality coating is applied and maintained to ensure you achieve optimum service life from the glue lines.

    Waney Edge Cladding We recommend treatment for waney edged cladding due to the presence of bark and sap if ordered untreated.

    Factory Finished / Coated Claddings

    Always keep separating membranes between the layers during handling and transit to protect damage to the lacquer and sticking to surfaces. It is important to follow applied product manufactures guidelines due to the large variety of finishes, coatings and treatments available.

    Ensure all edges and sides are sealed prior to installation, including any fixing holes.

    All factory finished products need minimum annual maintenance i.e. to clean surfaces any pollutants moreover touch up for any degradation.


    General Maintenance Comments Timber will weather, oxidise and is susceptible to fungal / mould staining if unprotected or untreated, changing the aesthetics of the timber. During the early weathering process the timber surface may also show signs of variations in colour, which should gradually even out, this depends on exposure. Colour variation in wood is an inherent characteristic of wood i.e. Between and within board variation of colour should be expected in wood. We provide a sample service upon request to help in the selection of cladding species. Annual maintenance is recommended; i.e. basic care and maintenance for uncoated or untreated wood, depending on the type of pollution present, would be to wash off with water (do not flood), or sand it off. Bleaching can also be used to help remove stains. The above are general guidelines but cover some of the key aspects, as every project needs to be considered individually. All products offered above are available from Timber Focus and, for detailed timber cladding fitting instructions, copies of BM TRADAs External Timber Cladding installation manual are available to purchase from Timber Focus. Please feel free to download our cladding brochure from the downloads section of our website at https://www.timberfocus.com/downloads/






    For  more information contact us


    Timber Focus Ltd  / Puidukoda (HEAD OFFICE)  

    3000 Aviator Way
    Manchester Business Park
    M22 5TG

    Tel:  0161 504 0011        
     0161 240 3611


    Email: [email protected]

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    Timber Focus Exhibitor at the Grand Designs NEC 2018 Birmingham

    Grand Designs 2018 – Exhibitor

    Timber Focus and Puidukoda  UK Ireland will be exhibiting at the Grand Designs Live at the NEC Birmingham 2018 in partnership with Puidukoda OU. The Dates of the Grand Designs Exhibition will be 10th to the 14th of October 2018.

    BAFTA winning Grand Designs is widely recognised as the pre-eminent series on modern architecture and design in Britain. It was originally conceived as a documentary series presented by designer and writer Kevin McCloud that takes us into the heart of life’s great unfolding human stories, where ordinary families risk all to experiment with architecture, technology, and their own lifestyle.

    Now in its 19th year, Grand Designs is one of Channel 4’s biggest returnable factual series and has grown into a global phenomenon, selling in over 100 territories. Apart from the TV series, the Grand Designs brand has also expanded to include books, a monthly magazine, architectural awards and a biannual exhibition, Grand Designs live.

    Grand Designs 2018 - Exhibitor Puidukoda

    Timber Deck boards from Timber Focus pet and child-friendly stained and oiled

    Please visit our stand B515 at in the Grand Build section. We will be happy to discuss, share and help you with your timber cladding, decking, flooring requirements. You can send us an email at [email protected] to arrange a one to one meeting at the exhibition.  We will advise on timber product selection, timber installation and technical performance of the various timber products. We can offer discounted visitor tickets to the Grand Designs Exhibition.

    Please come and visit our stand to see the latest timber trends for decking, cladding and flooring. We will be showcasing a number of different products these include fire retardant timber products, painted, oiled, stained, burnt, shou sugi ban charred timber equivalents, peel and stick wall panels.

    Grand Designs 2018 - Exhibitor Puidukoda

    Grey Stained pre-weathered timber cladding silvery grey from Timber Focus Exterior Micro Rifled Cladding Hidden Fix micro rifled surface TM1826 Grey weathered look Timber Focus cladding 39130279

    Grand Designs 2018 - Exhibitor Puidukoda

    Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding by Timber Focus

    Grand Designs 2018 - Exhibitor Puidukoda

    Visit Timber Focus at Grand Designs Live 10th to the 14th of October at the NEC in Birmingham to discuss all your timber requirements

    Grand Designs 2018 - Exhibitor Puidukoda

    Light Oak Red cedar tone Stained Timber cladding by Timber Focus available from stock

    As a leading timber supplier for the UK and Ireland supplying sustainable timber that is either FSC or PEFC for standard and bespoke project requirements. We will be very happy to have you at our stand at Grand Designs NEC Birmingham.


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    Timber Focus Puidukoda Siberian Larch Products

    Timber Focus – Puidukoda UK ensures all the best larch is placed on the UK and Irish Markets for its distribution partners. There are many variations of Larch e.g European Larch, Siberian Larch etc but we ensure we supply Siberian Larch originating from Russia.All our Siberian Larch is from sustainable sources and is FSC Certified.

    We provide Siberian larch for decking, cladding and fencing applications. We have the facility to finish the larch in a number of ways e.g staining with a UV pigment e.g Sikkens light oak, we can also apply finishes to give it a pre weathered rustic character look.

    Siberian Larch, larix sibirica also known as meleze de siberie, sibirische larche LAGM, AS.It has a straight grain, a fine, uniform texture and is rather heavy with an average density of 590Kg/m3 at 12% Moisture Content drilling is recommended. Used extensively for cladding & decking applications as it falls under durability characteristics Class 3 according to BSEN350:2016. Care has to be taken when selecting & applying coatings as larch is resinous. Use annular ring shanks stainless steel on all claddings, face fixing where applicable on external cladding to minimize the risk of boards popping out of fixings and use stainless steel decking screws for deck boards. It is important to note that larch has a tendency to split on the surface when exposed to the elements. Timber quality we supply is  AB Grade Kiln dry Average 18% Moisture content which is equivalent or better than the standard Grade of Class 2/3 given in BS1186-3:1990 section 4 Class 2/3 of which class 3 is traditionally considered adequate for cladding and decking applications. This is considerably a better quality to the Saw falling S/F I-IV Grades found in most timber merchants. Knots are a present feature in the product and grade and should not be considered a defect. Stains tend to show easily including surface mould if not cleaned or maintained well. Regular cleaning is recommended depending on use and exposure as a minimum once a year to minimize slip risk from a build-up of debris more frequency is recommended for horizontal areas e.g decking surfaces. It is always advisable to order 10% more to allow for waste due to trim or crosscutting loss. We help with specifications e.g NBS H21 Timber weather boarding Timber Cladding specifications contact Timber Focus to get support for specifications and standards e.g BS8605 or BS1186-3 CE Marking to products to BS EN 14915: 2013 These Goods come with the FSC Certification and Timber Focus approval. We pride ourselves is supplying durable  Siberian larch. In the cladding, we can offer shiplap, TGV Tongue and Groove, Microline, shadow gap, board on board, PSE PAR DAR, R2E, R4E profiles from stock. In the decking, we can supply smooth castellated, ribbed reeded profiles

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    Timber Focus Puidukoda UK and Ireland

    New UK and Ireland machined timber products supplier set up

    19 July 2018 (TTJ online) Timber Trades Journal

    A new player has entered the UK and Ireland market to supply machined timber – Timber Focus Ltd.
    Puidukoda OU, based in Estonia, is partnering with Manchester based Timber Focus. Puidukoda, part of the Rose Group, said it was proud to have a partner in the UK in the form of a joint venture with Timber Focus Ltd.
    Puidukoda has had increased demand for its products from merchants and buying groups, which has led to the push to securing a local representative in the UK.
    The partnership ensures that Puidukoda can serve its business, customers mainly including timber merchants and DIY Chains more effectively, with the provision of a dedicated local support team and landed stocks for urgent deliveries.
    The Rose Group comprises leading independent manufactured softwood producers who supply more than 300,000m3 of machined softwood annually to more than 30 countries.
    Puidukoda manufactures a large selection of softwood profiles mainly in spruce/whitewood, redwood /pine and Siberian larch such as planed all-round, premium C24 graded softwood, timber cladding, decking and flooring, with the option of offering fire retardant cladding, painted claddings, oiled stained flooring and decking.
    Puidukoda says it is capable of manufacturing project specific requirements offering various options from mixed loads including full truck loads to vessels for larger contracts.
    Timber Focus is holding stock in various locations to serving customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Andrew T Goto has been appointed as director to head UK and Ireland sales.
    “We are very happy to have Mr Goto on board who brings a wealth of experience to support the timber business customers in the UK and Ireland” said Hendrik Moora – head of sales, Puidukoda.
    Timber Focus Puidukoda will also have a stand at the UK Construction Week / Timber Expo 2018 a the NEC Birmingham on October 9-11.
    Timber Focus will also offer other specialised products such as wood plastic composites, reclaimed wood from Barnwood Concepts, thermowoods and hardwoods etc

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