Timber Focus – Puidukoda UK ensures all the best larch is placed on the UK and Irish Markets for its distribution partners. There are many variations of Larch e.g European Larch, Siberian Larch etc but we ensure we supply Siberian Larch originating from Russia.All our Siberian Larch is from sustainable sources and is FSC Certified.

We provide Siberian larch for decking, cladding and fencing applications. We have the facility to finish the larch in a number of ways e.g staining with a UV pigment e.g Sikkens light oak, we can also apply finishes to give it a pre weathered rustic character look.

Siberian Larch, larix sibirica also known as meleze de siberie, sibirische larche LAGM, AS.It has a straight grain, a fine, uniform texture and is rather heavy with an average density of 590Kg/m3 at 12% Moisture Content drilling is recommended. Used extensively for cladding & decking applications as it falls under durability characteristics Class 3 according to BSEN350:2016. Care has to be taken when selecting & applying coatings as larch is resinous. Use annular ring shanks stainless steel on all claddings, face fixing where applicable on external cladding to minimize the risk of boards popping out of fixings and use stainless steel decking screws for deck boards. It is important to note that larch has a tendency to split on the surface when exposed to the elements. Timber quality we supply is  AB Grade Kiln dry Average 18% Moisture content which is equivalent or better than the standard Grade of Class 2/3 given in BS1186-3:1990 section 4 Class 2/3 of which class 3 is traditionally considered adequate for cladding and decking applications. This is considerably a better quality to the Saw falling S/F I-IV Grades found in most timber merchants. Knots are a present feature in the product and grade and should not be considered a defect. Stains tend to show easily including surface mould if not cleaned or maintained well. Regular cleaning is recommended depending on use and exposure as a minimum once a year to minimize slip risk from a build-up of debris more frequency is recommended for horizontal areas e.g decking surfaces. It is always advisable to order 10% more to allow for waste due to trim or crosscutting loss. We help with specifications e.g NBS H21 Timber weather boarding Timber Cladding specifications contact Timber Focus to get support for specifications and standards e.g BS8605 or BS1186-3 CE Marking to products to BS EN 14915: 2013 These Goods come with the FSC Certification and Timber Focus approval. We pride ourselves is supplying durable  Siberian larch. In the cladding, we can offer shiplap, TGV Tongue and Groove, Microline, shadow gap, board on board, PSE PAR DAR, R2E, R4E profiles from stock. In the decking, we can supply smooth castellated, ribbed reeded profiles